Rosecote, Bermuda, Home & Studio Of Bermudian Artist Alfred Birdsey

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Alfred Birdsey

Bermuda is a beautiful place which has inspired several artists, locals or foreigners who passed some time here, some choosing to stay and live on the island.

Amongst the most famous Bermudian artists is Alfred Birdsey, a painter whose impressionistic paintings of Bermuda’s landscapes earned him an international reputation. Rosecote, in Paget, is the home and studio of Bermudian artist Alfred Birdsey, set up in the back garden of his family home and where he worked from 1968 to his death in 1996.

This is where the painter used to welcome visitors and treat them to a cup of tea and a chat, whether they came to buy his art or just to meet him and the place where he was working. His daughter Jo Birdsey-Linberg has decided to keep the tradition alive and knows like her father how to make her visitors feel at home.

The paintings of Alfred Birdsey played an important part in changing the way Bermuda was seen abroad and became regular additions to many collections around the world. Alfred Birdsey is most known for his impressionistic representations of the island landscapes, harbours, boats, backstreets,seascapes, homes and bays. Some of the paintings also have an asian influence.

The particularity of Alfred Birdsey is that he was for most of the second half of the 20th century the only modernist artist residing in Bermuda. It is thought that he started painting at the age of 16, in 1927 and that he was entirely self-taught.

Some of his most renowned work is certainly the sailboat artwork that was used for the promotion of the America’s Cup when it sails from Newport to Bermuda. You can find note cards representing the work of Alfred Birdsey at his studio of Rosecote, and soon a book by his daughter Jo Birdsey-Linberg will commemorate his life’s work.

The studio of Rosecote, Paget his open to the public most weekdays between 10.30am and 1pm, but it is better to make an appointment if you want to be sure that Jo is there and that she will be able to spend some time with you. You will find Rosecote on Stowe Hill, at a convenient distance from Hamilton City and accessible by the bus route number 8 or even better, by scooter.

After you arrived at the front of the house, follow the path on the left that leads to the back garden. There, you will find the studio surrounded by a delightful décor of roses, cacti, lilies and paw-paw trees.

Alfred Birdsey’s daughter worked for him during many years up to his death and she now carries on with the family tradition in the studio of Rosecote, Paget. She celebrates Bermuda in her paintings dominated by nautical themes and breezy watercolour landscapes. She is also renowned for her whimsical animal portraits. Her work has been exhibited in New York and is part of many collections around the world, such as in the UK, Scandinavian and European countries.Her work can be bought at the studio of Rosecote, with watercolours costing $80 while oil paintings range between $400 and $900.

Rosecote, Paget in Bermuda

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