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Rock Island Coffee

For coffee lovers and those who need something to boost them in the morning, the award of the best cup of java is the most important of all the Best of Bermuda awards attributed each year by The Bermudian.

This year, the title was given to the Rock Island Coffee, in Hamilton. This coffee shop that was founded in 1995 by Susannah Frith and Mark Kaufman before being bought by Lisabet Outerbridge and her husband John Edmunds in 1998. Today, it is the only place to sell locally roasted coffee in the island.

The speciality of Rock Island is the Espresso blend. For those who love coffee as it is drunk in Italy, the Espresso is a concentrated of flavours served in a very small cup. But don’t worry, you can also get a Latte, a Macchiato, a Cappucino, a Mocha, a Caramel Latte as well as some iced coffee. The shop also sells other hot and cold drinks like hot cocoa and a dozen types of teas.

The excellent coffee is not the only thing that the café is appreciated for by its loyal customers. The Rock Island Coffee has a great friendly and cosy atmosphere. With its walls decorated with the works of interesting and innovative local artists, and its garden with outdoor tables at the back, the coffee house is the perfect place to savour the best cup of java in Bermuda.

The Rock Island Coffee has changed a lot since its creation in an old machine shop located right next to the original Miles Market. Relocated in 1996 to its current site in Reid Street, it went from occupying one room of the building to expanding to the other rooms. It slowly took over a clothing shop, a lawyer office, a CD store as well as the Knit Shop of the basement floor.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh roast coffee and fresh baked cakes that surrounds you in the Rock Island Coffee. Because the coffee is made from beans fresh hand roasted on site, you can’t get it fresher than that. The café also has a kitchen downstairs where Kerry Petty bakes all that you need to accompany your coffee and more.

Indeed, next to the brownies, scones, muffins, macaroons, biscotti and sweets to satisfy any sweet tooth and make your coffee moment the best possible, the Rock Island Coffee serves savoury food. You can get your lunch here, sandwich or salad in the summer, and delicious vegetarian soups during the colder months such as black bean, tomato with garlic and herbs, or mushrooms and wild rice. These soups generally come with focaccia bread or flaky biscuits.

The interest of the owners Lisabet and John for the local artists has made the home of the best cup of java the unofficial headquarters of the eclectic group of Bermuda’s artists. The art exhibitions that take place principally on the walls of the coffee house rotate on a monthly basis and anyone is welcome to get in touch with the shop to show their artwork.

The purists who can only drink great coffee with every cup can take the roasted beans with them at home, in their office or get their favourite restaurant or hotel to serve them. The Rock Island Coffee sells them whole or roasted and offers wholesale prices so that you can get the best cup of java everywhere.

Rock Island Coffee ; 48 Reid Street, Hamilton ; 292-9437 or 296-5241 ;

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