Robin Hood Pub And Restaurant, In Bermuda

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Robin Hood Bermuda

If you go down to Hamilton City today you are sure of a big surprise. There is a legendary restaurant in Bermuda where you can dine and make merry at a steal. It is the well loved Robin Hood Pub And Sports Bar.

The premises, often referred to as “The Hood”, is situated just outside the capital, close to Front Street. It is a bustling sports bar, in the style of an old fashioned British pub. The restaurant is all the rage with tourists from the UK and round the world. Thus, it welcomes ex-patriots whom have settled in Bermuda alongside local residents.

The Robin Hood Pub And Sports Bar has a huge dining room, with a bar stretching practically the entire distance. This is a popular spot for patrons to pull up a stool. The pub has a long running recurring menu. It takes in classic pub food like steak, curry and all kinds of burgers. The Robin Hood is known for having among the best tasting pizzas on the island, along with traditional bangers and mash and the local Fish Chowder. If you stop by on happy hour on a Friday, you could choose from the beautiful buffet, serving roast beef and vegetables free of charge.

The Robin Hood is celebrated for its extensive line of shots or shooters, numbering greater than 50. The ‘Buffalo Sweet’, with a touch of Bacardi, is a long time favourite. This is a taste of the bounty making the Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant a local hero when it comes to culinary artistry.


The legend of the Robin Hood Pub And Restaurant has been spreading around Trip Advisor, due to the reviews of its members.

One of the reviewers on the site said:

Just what you would expect from a sportsbar that does food. Good sporting atmosphere.

Another member commented:

This is the place for pizza and beer, it’s a great sports bar.

A fellow reviewer said:

Robin Hood’s our new favorite casual dining spot in Bermuda”.

One more review stated:

We came at lunch time hoping to order a beef pie pub lunch and it was one of the best we’ve had.

A reviewer on Trip Advisor also said:

Inside were sports on plasma TVs and the decor was charming British-style pub.  Ee found the change refreshing. It definitely seemed like it catered to the locals – down-to-earth and friendly.

Robin Hood Pub And Restaurant-
25 Richmond Road,
Pembroke Parish

Phone: 441-295-3314
Fax: 441-292 9338

Robin Hood Pub And Restaurant

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