Safe Driving Tips

Our YouDrive tuition is the best in Bermuda, which is why we have the island's best safety record. Here are a few tips before you start.

Stay Safe Take your time

It’s a Laid-back Island. You don’t have to rush in Bermuda – it’s not our way. Take your time and you’ll arrive safe, relaxed, and in vacation mood. If you’re new to the island, there are some rules and regulations that you must know. If you’re returning, it’s worth refreshing your memory: your safety is our priority. Further down the page, we’ve added a few simple tips for staying out of trouble and getting the best from your stay. When you’ve read the page through, you’ll be ready to book your transport now.

Driving rules and regulations

Bermuda, like every country in the world, has laws on driving. They’re not optional; these are the rules you must follow if you’re to stay on the right side of the law.

Drive on the LEFT

On Bermudian roads, you drive on the LEFT. Keep this in mind at all times, especially when starting off or turning at junctions.

Obey the speed limit

The maximum speed is 22 miles per hour / 35 kilometres per hour.
Remember, that’s the maximum speed. Depending on the road, the traffic, and your driving ability, your actual speed could be a lot lower. You should drive at a speed at which you feel comfortable.

Bicycles, scooters, and cars are equal

Bicycles and scooters have the same road rights as cars on Bermuda’s roads.
Ride in the middle of your lane for optimal control over your vehicle and maximum visibility.

Give way to traffic on a roundabout

When you approach a roundabout, give way to traffic coming from the right. Once you’re on the roundabout, it’s you who has priority.


Park your scooter only in the specially marked parking bays. There are plenty of them, and they’re free. Do not park anywhere else.

Obey road signs and road markings

A single yellow line on the roadside means ‘no parking’. A double yellow line on the roadside means ‘absolutely no stopping’.

Give way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings

Crossings are marked by black and white zebra stripes across the road, and large white zigzag lines on the roadside as you approach. Prepare to slow down if you see a pedestrian waiting to cross.

Wear your safety helmet at all times

Your helmet must fit you properly. You must keep it fastened on your head when you’re operating your scooter, bicycle, or electric bicycle.

No more than two riders

Bermuda law forbids more than two people to ride a scooter.

Drive safely the Elbow Beach way

The general rules about road safety are as relevant to the Bermudian roads as they are to the roads in your home country. Wherever you are in the world, riding a scooter, moped, bicycle, or electric bicycle can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, haven’t had the right advice, or haven’t been trained properly.

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable vacation – and we want to welcome you back to Bermuda when you come for your next trip. That’s why we won’t rent you a vehicle until we’re happy that you do know what you’re doing.

The best training in Bermuda

It’s our proud boast to say that our training programme, YouDrive, is the best in Bermuda. So it’s no surprise to learn that we also have the best safety record on the island.

Your safety is our priority

Your safety is paramount. It is the single most important thing to us. In fact, we won’t supply you with a vehicle if we think you’re going to be a danger to yourself or to others. That’s not an idle claim, we really do turn people away.

And that’s why our guests keep coming back for more. Over the years we’ve taught tens of thousands of novices to drive safely. Just read our testimonials to hear how pleased they are with what we do for them.

General security tips

Bermuda may be a small and friendly island, but the theft of vehicles and personal belongings does happen from time to time. To make sure your scooter, bicycle, or electric bicycle is waiting for you exactly where you parked it, follow our simple security tips.

Lock your vehicle

Every scooter and bicycle comes with an industry-standard lock – please use it. Lock you vehicle securely whenever you leave it unattended. Make sure you park it in a designated parking bay. If you’re parking after dark, choose a well-lit location.

Hide your possessions

We recommend concealing all valuables when riding. And keep your belongings safe (in a secure belt or in a bag that you can zip up tight) when you are out and about. Don’t leave cameras or mobile phones lying around.

Use the under-seat storage box when driving

When driving, stow cameras, wallets, handbags, and other valuables in the lockable under-seat storage box.

Take your possessions with you when you park

When you stop, take everything with you, including your helmet. And don’t forget the stuff that you stowed in the under-seat storage box. Never leave your possessions in the box when your scooter is unattended.