Discreet Rendezvous at the Pompano Beach Club Bermuda

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Pompano Beach Bermuda

Bermuda is not a very big island and unless you go in the middle of the Ocean or somewhere very difficult to access, you will find it hard to be alone with someone.

Even worse, the universal rule wants that as soon as you try to avoid being seen, you will be spotted by the last person you wish to be seen by! Fear no more, the Pompano Beach Club is here for you! The club was given the best Discreet Rendezvous award in the Best of Bermuda Awards 2011, making it the best place for a romantic dinner or a week-end retreat without the whole of the island knowing about it.

Located on Pompano Beach Road, in Southampton, this luxurious resort was once the first fishing club of Bermuda. From the top of a spectacular cliff, Pompano Beach Club offer some of the most breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and amazing sunsets. The intimate and secluded location of the resort has made one of the 100 best resorts in the world for honeymoon.

The Pompano Beach Club has 75 rooms, 70 of them with panoramic oceanviews, located in one and two storeys villas. The pink buildings are scattered on a hillside by the Ocean and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It even has a two-storey, two-bedroom and two-bathroom townhouse, located at the top of the hill for those who want to spend the best time possible in Bermuda.

The resort has dramatically changed since its creation as a fishing club in 1956 by American Tom Lamb and Bermudian Ewing Trott. Called after the popular fish find on the sand flats in front of the club, it was a small fishing lodge where guests would bring their fish back to be cooked and eaten by all. It was quickly bought entirely by Mr Lamb and extended to develop into a small hotel in the early 60’s before the term beach was added to the name to become the Pompano Beach Club. The fishing heritage of the club has been maintained by giving to every accommodation the name of a local game fish.

A discreet rendezvous at the Pompano Beach Club will not mean you will have to stay in your room all week-end even if it is tempting to do so given the great amenities of every room. Not only are they individually temperature-controlled, they are decorated in a splendid tropical décor, have a carpeted floor, ceramic-tiled bathroom, and wicker or rattan furniture. They also have either a private balcony or a private patio from where you can spend endless hours admiring the Atlantic Ocean, especially at sunset.

The resort has a private beach of course and many leisure activities for its guests. It is also located right next to the Port Royal Golf Course, one of the best public courses in the world. Some rooms even have a view of the famous 8th hole.

What makes the Pompano Beach Club a ideal location for a discreet rendezvous is that it seems to be far from any busy place in Bermuda. In fact, it is only minutes from the main road of the island and the most famous beaches such as Horseshoe Bay. The view from the resort is even better than from these beaches and without doubt one of the best beachfront settings in Bermuda. Even if you had nothing to hide, you will appreciate the seclusion and the luxe of the Pompano Beach Club.

Pompano Beach Club Bermuda – 36 Pompano Beach Road, Southampton, SB03; 441 234 0222; http://www.pompanobeachclub.com/

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