Point Pleasant Park in Hamilton, Bermuda

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Point Pleasant Hamilton Bermuda

Point Pleasant Park, as the name suggests, is a pleasurable and enjoyable park situated in Bermuda’s capital Hamilton City. Found specifically at the famous Albuoys Point at the water front, the park and area boasts lots to do and see for locals and tourists alike.

The park itself is a fairly small one but has plenty of trees to shade from the hot midday sun – often a necessity in the height of summer! There are excellent views of the harbour and it is also a great viewing point to watch the great cruise ships arrive and depart.

There are public conveniences at the park as well as a play park for children, park benches, picnic areas and, as it is located on Point Pleasant Road and connected to Front Street Hamilton, it is very convenient for all the city’s amenities including shopping , eateries and gift shops.

To the west of the park is the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, one of the oldest Royal Clubs in the world. It was formed in 1845 by Bermudian sailing enthusiasts and British military officers and is now home to some of the finest sailing events in the world including King Edward VII Gold Cup Match Racing Competition and the Newport-to-Bermuda Ocean race. The Club offers sailing classes for children and adults and has a fine, yet reasonably priced menu.

Point Pleasant is also well located to take the charming mini train to various tourist attractions in Hamilton including City Hall, House of Parliament, Bermuda Cathedral, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and Botanical Gardens.

Also at Point Pleasant is Fantasea Bermuda, a phenomenal experience for water lovers that offers tours, charters and water sports around the island. The main attractions of Fantasea include the introduction to scuba diving course, which is a 4 hour scuba diving course that occurs in shallow waters and a pool to familiarise you with the art of the sport.

Then it’s off to the ship wreck Constellation for a mini exploration. Another package is the reef & wreck dive, which is a three-hour excursion and full-tank dive in and around Constellation – perfect for those with some experience of scuba diving and takes in some of Bermuda’s amazing coral reefs.

If you fancy a snorkelling trip, then Fantasea is ideal. It’s great value for money and divers get to snorkel around South Shore and visit Constellation – you can even hire an underwater camera to record the trip.

Every year at Christmas time, Hamilton’s illuminated boat parade occurs and there’s no better place to see this magical festival than Point Pleasant. It’s a festival for the eyes and the ears and for all the family too. Point Pleasant really is a beautiful place to get away from the bustle of the capital city’s busy commuters and tourists at high season.

Why not visit it and use it as a base for a great day out? And take your swimming gear too, you’ll be glad you did when you get there.

Point Pleasant, Bermuda

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