Why Are There Pink Sand Beaches In Bermuda?

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Pink Sandy Beach in Bermuda

Why Are There Pink Sand In Bermuda? A question we’re asked quite a lot…..

There’s beautiful beaches all over the world but none quite as stunning as Bermuda beaches! There’s a beautiful natural phenomenon which makes the Island’s beaches stand out from the rest – it has beaches with pink sand. That’s right, beaches where the sand is coloured pink!

The most well known pink beach in Bermuda is Horseshoe Bay. This beach is a famous holiday destination in Bermuda, visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

It is located in the parish of Southampton, on the south coast of the Island. The pink sand is the result of millions of tiny red sea creatures, such as clams, mollusks as well as other invertibrae,  that have been crushed by the powerful waves of the mid-Atlantic ocean. When they wash up on the beach, they blend with the sand, turning it an amazing pink colour. It is a natural colouring job worthy of any hair salon!

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