Palm Grove Gardens – An Oasis In Bermuda!

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Bermuda Palm Grove

Bermuda is a nature paradise with its lush vegetation helped by a perfect subtropical climate. Wherever you go on the island, you will find gardens and bushes of endemics and invasive species that gives Bermuda some of its charm.

Palm Grove Gardens is one of the many private gardens of the island that is kindly open to visitors by their owners. The garden is owned by Sir David Gibbons who was once Premier of Bermuda, and is located in the parish of Devonshire, on the South Road. It is open to the public free of charge from Monday to Thursday, between 9am and 5pm.

There are a few features in Palm Grove Gardens such as a wishing well and a traditional Bermuda moongate. Moongates are reputed for bringing luck to the newly wed couples passing through them. The main feature of the gardens is the lily pond on which you will see a grassy relief in the shape of a map of Bermuda.

The place is very popular for staging wedding photos and the Gibbons family also allows wedding ceremonies to take place in Palm Grove Gardens as long as the party is of 9 or less people. It is a quiet and peaceful place where people like to come and rest or have a walk amongst the vegetation. The garden is an 18 acre stretch of land that goes all the way from the South Road to the seaside. Of course, the vegetation is mainly made of palm trees as the name of the garden indicates. Along endemic Bermuda palmetto trees, you will see invasive species like Cuban Royal palms, Fiji palms, Canary Island palms, and European fans.

But there are more than palm trees in the Palm Grove Gardens, and you will walk around Sago and coconut trees, night-blooming cereus blooms, as well as statues scattered here and there in the park. The citrus grove is something to be seen too, especially given that Bermuda-grown oranges and grapefruits are some of the best in the world. There are also some limestone huts with ivy-coated facades which are called butteries and were used to store perishable food and water before the apparition of fridges.

The garden is a haven for birds of all species, and even features a tropical bird aviary in which you will find a collection of colourful parrots and toucans.

Palm Grove Gardens is not a well-known place in Bermuda and many local residents have yet to visit it. Thankfully, it is still a calm and relaxing garden where you can go for a walk or to go away from the busy Hamilton, or get some fresh air when the weather is too hot.

Palm Grove Gardens, Bermuda

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