The Old State House In Bermuda

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Old State House In Bermuda

There is a historical site in Bermuda which attracts a large number of visitors each year. It is the classical building called the old State House. It is also referred to as The Old Session House. It is situated on Princess Street, in the town of St George, in St George’s Parish.

The Old State House was first constructed as far back as 1620. This makes it the oldest, longest standing building in Bermuda. The Old State House was the inaugural stricture made from lime stone on the island. The property was constructed to an Italian design, apparently on the insistence of Nathaniel Butler. He was Governor of Bermuda at the time. The building was famous for having a flat roof. It stands as a timeless example of Bermudian architecture.

St. George was originally the capital of Bermuda. This was where the parliament house used to be. It was where cabinet sessions took place. This was the case until 1815. Hamilton City was made the capital 12 months later

The Old State House was the principal House of Assembly of Bermuda. It then became the chamber of the Parliament. However, the building has been the site of a Scottish Masonic lodge, since 1815.

The rent paid to the local government is amazingly a single peppercorn every year. This arrangement is celebrated in an annual ceremony; attended by members of the military and the government.

The State House was cemented in history after being shown in a map drawn in 1624 by Captain John Smith. The building is now a tourist attraction. But visitors may only venture inside on a Wednesday. The rest of the time it may be only seen from the outside.

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