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ocean echo

The Ocean Echo is a famous, award winning restaurant in Bermuda. The eatery is found at The Reefs hotel and resort in Southampton. It is known for its curving wall and large windows providing amazing ocean vista, looking onto an impressive south shore backdrop.

The restaurant  has striking interior design, with the finest local art and trusses made of cedar on the ceiling. Patrons can also dine out on the terrace, overlooking the water. Then you can enjoy the view and the sunshine. This makes Oceans Echo the ideal spot to have a relaxed quiet meal in breathtaking surroundings. The Ocean Echo has just underwent an extensive remodelling, greatly increasing its size. It is celebrated for its delicious breakfasts, dinners and Sunday brunches. The restaurant has been lauded for its outdoor and Sunday eating in The Bermudian magazine.

The Ocean Echo brings patrons a huge seafood menu, but it offers marvellous meat dishes as well. It has the best seafood platter, smoked salmon and Bermuda Fish Chowder with a touch of rum. There are also beef, lamb and chicken dishes. This is in addition to a range of salads and vegetarian meals. Diners could also choose from a vast wine list and find the perfect drink with dinner when looking out at the waves.


The Ocean Echo was been making waves on Trip Advisor.

One reviewer said:

We went to the reefs for Sunday brunch. All I can say is FANTASTIC. It had a wide selection of foods to chose from.

Another reviewer said:

Food at Ocean Echo was excellent.

A fellow reviewer stated:

Wow, the buffet was amazing with everything you could ask for. Crab Claws, Cassava Pie, Chocolate Mousse, Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Jerk Chicken, Roast Beef, etc, etc. Everything was great.

One more reviewer said:

The staff were attentive and friendly seating us at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean ( a view is available from any position in the restaurant due to the layout of the room). The choice of food was amazing.

A felow reviewer added:

The food was wonderful as was the wine and quite a romantic little spot of an evening. Would happily return.

Ocean Echo, The Reefs – thereefs.com
56 South Shore Road,
(441) 238-0222

Ocean Echo, The Reefs

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