North Shore Cafe In Smith’s Parish, Bermuda

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North Shore Cafe Bermuda

If stopping at Terceira’s North Shore service station on North Shore Road, in Smith’s parish, or just passing by, you could have something to eat or drink at the North Shore Cafe.

The service station is a stop where commuters, commercial travellers, holiday makers or local inhabitants can fill up with petrol, have work done on their vehicles or pick up any provisions they need. These may range from buying snack foods to soft drinks or juice drinks. The service station recently underwent a huge overhaul around six years ago, which greatly revived its facilities. It is also the site of the fully stocked North Shore Cafe.

This is an opportune location where you could take your pick of its various breakfast offerings. This is as well as having lunch or dinner every day of the week bar Sunday. It is additionally known for its special lunch meals and delicious pies, made of either chicken or beef.

When visiting the North Shore Cafe you could try some of its convenient baked items, just made. This is as well as having a wide variety of wraps and sandwiches, of various types. It is just the spot to have a cheese or ham sandwich, to name but a few.

The cafe furthermore has weekly specials, from grilled fish with vegetables and seasoned rice, to BBQ Chicken with scallop potatoes. There is also steak with mushroom and onion, served with Corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.

If you are hungry out on the road, you can stop for a bite at the North Shore Cafe.

North Shore Cafe,

Terceira’s North Shore Gas Station,
2 North Shore Road,

Phone: (441) 292 5130

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North Shore Cafe in Bermuda – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles’ Things To Do in Bermuda series!


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