North Rock Brewing Company In Bermuda

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North Rock Brewing Company In Bermuda

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This is a one of a kind combination of pub, restaurant and brewery on the island. The venture is based in two locations. For starters; there is the pub on South Road in Smith’s Parish; near Hamilton.

The North Rock Brewing Company has been providing fine brewed beer and bar food for over a decade. The pub and restaurant boasts delicious steaks, sirloin beef and seafood, along with a classic pub menu. Here you can try some fish and chips, hamburgers, pork sandwiches and told in the hole, amongst other dishes.

This family owned business captures the spirit of an old fashioned English boozer. The fresh beer is shipped straight to the pub in South Road from the brewery at Royal Naval Dockyard. The brewing apparatus has been transferred to the dockyard in collaboration with the Frog & Onion Pub.

The project is known as The Dockyard Brewing Company.

It produces a fine range of handcrafted ales. They are comprised of “Somers’s Amber Ale”, which gets its name from Sir George Somers. This is alongside ales like “North Rock Porter”, “St David’s Light”, “and Whale of a Wheat”, “and “Trunk Island Pale Ale”.

The North Rock Brewing Company has a restaurant, with different seating sections. It has a relaxing non smoking dining room and an elegant bar. This is in addition to an in outdoor veranda area, amongst other features.

This makes the combined pub, restaurant and brewery one if the top spots to visit in Bermuda.

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