Newport / Marion to Bermuda

Two of the world's great yacht races held on alternate years: the Newport to Bermuda and the Marion to Bermuda Yacht Races.

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The challenging yacht races that sail from Newport, Rhode Island and Marion, Massachusetts to Bermuda are among the world’s great seagoing adventures. Sailors everywhere yearn for this exhilarating blend of sun and spray, while summer visitors to Bermuda know them as must-see events.

If you want to be on a breezy hilltop for a first glimpse of distant sails and on the quayside to welcome the victorious crew, you’ll need to be mobile. What you need is an electric bike or scooter from Elbow Beach Cycles. Book yours today, and you’ll have the wind in your sales long before anyone else.

About Newport/Marion to Bermuda

In even-numbered years, more than 180 boats leave Newport, Rhode Island under the blazing Atlantic sun. In odd years, they set sail from Marion, The destination is Bermuda and these unmissable events are the Newport To Bermuda Yacht Race and the Marion To Bermuda Yacht Race

With unpredictable weather and powerful Gulf-Stream currents, these two races are firmly embedded in storm-tossed Atlantic tradition. They come with a number of divisions that allow a variety of boat sizes and types to race for an array of trophies. They’re awarded by the Governor of the island at prestigious ceremonies.

These are traditionally amateur events with a firm friends-and-family spirit. And yet they carry huge international prestige. The races achieve this through their sense of fair play, exemplary safety record, and the tight organisation of volunteers at the participating yacht clubs.

If you prefer wheels to keels and sails, but you want to see the exciting finish, get down to St. David’s Head at the east end of Bermuda. Watch the navigators dodge the coral to the North and sail seaward side of the reef markers. From Hamilton Harbour, you can then cheer the breathless charge around the reef.

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