Museum of Bermuda Art

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Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens is not only a hub of horticultural beauty. This prime tourist site also houses one of the finest collections of art on the island.

It is the magnificent Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art on South Road in Paget Parish.  

The museum is the work of The Masterworks Foundation in Bermuda. This is a non profit body. It has accumulated art inspired by the island, and (or) is the work of local artists, since 1987.  The foundation took possession of a previous arrow foot factory in 2008. The building had been standing for a century and a half. It was converted it into an enormous art centre. It is comprised of three museums. They utilize a land mass of 16,000 square feet to exhibit this extensive art collection.

The collection numbers in excess of 1200. These range from a choice of masterpieces; paintings, portraits, drawings and sketches. There are excellent examples of map making and photography. This is alongside an assortment of souvenirs and mementos of Bermuda. Visitors may also view works of art from important painters associated with the island. These range from Winslow Homer seascapes to Ogden Pleissner’s watercolours. This is in addition to showing Georgia O’Keeffe’s pictures of Bermuda, dating back to the thirties. This is a notion of the vast spectrum of artwork on display

The Butterfield Family Gallery is the most prominent of the galleries making up The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Tourists can also visit the Richard Faries Gallery. It bears the name of the former chairman of the foundation.  The third gallery is known as the Bank of Bermuda Foundation Mezzanine Gallery. The exhibits are constantly updated; changing twice a year. There is always something new to see.

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