Mrs. Tea's Victorian Tearoom, In Bermuda

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When on the lookout for something a little different when dining in Bermuda, then how about having a cuppa at Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom?

Mrs Tea’s is a multipurpose, fantastical cafe, rich in island history and its connection with the UK. The restaurant is directly across from the illustrious Port Royal Golf Course, close to Somerset Village. This dream like British tea room can be found in an old house, accessible by a side garden.

The building has many different rooms. They are filled with souvenirs of Britain, where ex-pats will feel right at home. It has as a room stuffed with classic children dolls, one dedicated to the royal family and another where its Christmas all year round. This adds to the somewhat otherworldly feel of the tea room.

This is still the place to have a refreshing cup of tea in the afternoon. There is a wide spectrum of classic English teas to pick from. They are served in perfect China teacups, with fine silver and linen napkins. The cafe furthermore has simple, elegant tablecloths, in a floral style.

Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom excels in bring you great British food to go with your tea. This is the ideal spot to have lunch also. The café has fabulous filled sandwiches, along with a confection of sweets, scones, jams and pastries. The tea room offers visitors the best in British bill fare when taking tea in the afternoon, on the island.


Visitors to the travel site Trip Advisor have been reviewing Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom.

One member of the site said:

Had a wonderful time. The sandwiches, scones, and sweets were traditional, delicious, and inexpensive.

Another reviewer added:

The restaurant is beautiful, accessed through a colorful garden and moongate, and decorated with images of England and the Royals. The whole place is very charming.

Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom
126 Main Rd,

Phone: (441) 234-1616

Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom

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