Middle Beach, Southampton in Bermuda

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Pink Sandy Beach in Bermuda

Bermuda is well known for its many beaches of pink sand or white sand, and their beautiful clear waters. If you are ready to make a little effort, then you can discover some gems that mainstream tourists will never hear off and see. Most of the time you don’t have to go very far from the other crowded beaches to find the smaller and quieter ones, like Middle Beach.

This little cove is located near the popular beach of Horseshoe Bay Beach, in the parish of Southampton, the number one for beaches in Bermuda. It is easily accessible from the east side of the Horseshoe Bay, just behind a grassy and rocky area and where one of the South Shore Park trails starts. It might seems very close from the Horseshoe Bay but it is not part of it and therefore barely has any people on it. Because it is quite small, you are almost guarantee to be alone if you get there first. The rocks around the cove give you a feeling of isolation and cut down the noise of the nearby crowds, making it an ideal spot for those who are looking for a bit of a romantic time. It is also a good place for families who can have their kids roaming more freely around without disturbing anyone.

The good thing with Middle Beach is that without being part of Horseshoe Bay, it is still close enough to make use of its facilities such as showers and toilets, as well as being not too far from its food concessions. So you don’t have to carry extra weight with you, just your towels and beach equipment and snorkelling gears as you won’t be allowed to take the rental ones from the shop on Horseshoe Bay.

There are a few rocks on the sore of the beach from where you might be able to jump in the water, but check that the water is deep enough and the bottom soft before doing so. For those who like to explore underwater, there is a big rock on the water and not very far from the beach. The rest of the water is great for swimming, but be aware that, unlike Horseshoe Bay, Middle Beach isn’t supervised by guards and you should be cautious when in the water.

You can also reach the little cove of Middle Beach from the South Shore Park if you have been walking the trails from one of the beaches of the east of the parish of Southampton or of the parish of Warwick. If you take the main track closest from the shore and follow it towards Horseshoe Bay, you will end up just on the edge of Middle Beach. If you planned to go to Horseshoe Bay and you find it a bit too busy, just stop here and enjoy the soft sand and warm water of Bermuda.

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