Mad Hatters Voted Best For Birthday Celebrations in Bermuda!

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Mad Hatters, Bermuda

Celebrating a birthday is a very important part of our lives and it is something that we want to remember for the good reasons.

The challenge is of course to have a better birthday celebration each year. For those who are not fussed about birthdays – and I can imagine many are shaking their head and frowning at this thought – a simple outing to their favourite restaurant or pub might be enough. But for those who like to make this a great event, birthday celebrations call for something more sophisticated.

Well, in that case, the place to go is definitely Mad Hatters, on Richmond Road, Pembroke. It is the second consecutive year that the restaurant was voted Best Birthday Restaurant by the Best of Bermuda Awards. Given that the category (now renamed Restaurant for Celebrating a Birthday) of The Bermudian competition only exists since 2010, it is right to say that Mad Hatters are the kings of the birthday celebrations!

So what makes this restaurant the best for those who want to celebrate their birthday with style? There are many reasons, the first of them being the great and intimate atmosphere of the place and the dozens of hats that are decorated the inside, as you would except from the name.

You can even use the hats to make your time here more fun. They are the perfect complement to any fancy dress birthday celebration. Or you can just wear one of them and all pretend you are someone else. Excellent for those who tend to be traumatised by getting yet another year older.

The Mad Hatters Restaurant had a surprisingly big menu for such a small place. But if you find it small by Bermuda’s standards, don’t worry because this menu is ideally completed by fantastic daily specials. The food is a brilliant, exciting and contemporary range of international cuisine. You can opt for the lunch which is a Table d’Hote menu (Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 2pm) or the dinner with an A La Carte menu (Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 9:30pm).

Another aspect that makes the Mad Hatters a great place for birthday celebrations is the care that is taken with customer service. Even though it is a small place that is practically always full, the staff is very competent and always looking after everyone. No one in the birthday party will have to worry about being served and can enjoy the celebrations. As it is one of the only restaurants in Bermuda where the service is not include in the bill (unless the party has height people or more), the staff has to work hard to deserve your gratuity.

Because the Mad Hatters has rapidly become a very popular place, it is highly recommended to make reservations, especially of you are planning a rather big birthday party. It is also not very easy to find and the fact that it is not located on a busy street makes it even more intimate. The best direction that can be given is that it is across from the Robin Hood pub. Get to the end of the driveway through two sets of decorated pillars towards the Mariner’s Club car park, then upstairs towards the Terrace. You will be rewarded by the best Mad Hatter’s tea party ever.

Mad Hatters, Bermuda – 22 Richmond Road, Hamilton HM08; (441) 297-6231

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