Mad Hatters, In Bermuda

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Mad Hatters is a top rated restaurant in Hamilton, Bermudas capital city. It is renowned for its widespread menu, taking in traditional European fare, with a Thai/North-American flavour.

Mad Hatters  is considered amongst the leading spots to dine on the island. The restaurant is well known for its daily specials and they are always evolving these, in keeping with the time of year and growing repertoire of their world class chefs. They have built up a status as being culinary experts, due to their hard work and dedication. Patrons can sample the fruits of their labour by stopping at Mad Hatters. You would be crazy not to.

Mad Hatters puts the fun back into dining, in a laid back, self-effacing setting. You could eat in the most carefree yet stylish surroundings. Patrons could even try on one of the many hats hanging on the walls. You are certain to find the right head gear to suit you, when pouring over their cutting edge menu. All in all, if heading out for a meal, have tea at Mad Hatters.

In the 2011 Best of Bermuda Awards, Mad Hatters was voted the best restaurant for birthday celebrations in Bermuda for the second year running.


People on TripAdvisor have been losing their heads over Mad Hatters.

One reviewer said:

Incredibly good value. Imaginative, yet reliable cuisine, daily specials, friendly and courteous. Arguably the BEST restaurant in Bermuda

Another reviewer commented:

By far our favorite restaurant in Bermuda. The real entertainment is the poetry with which they describe the specials of the day. Chef-owned and you can tell. Every detail attended to. Out of the way, which means the food has to be good and they are not just catering to tourists.

A fellow reviewer added:

The food is terrific and the staff are very helpful. Great place for a romantic dinner.

Another said:

Went for a friends birthday and the food, service and atmoshphere were brilliant!!!!

And another reviewer went nuts for Mad Hatters, saying:

Madhatters is a great find in Hamilton. You get a nice mix of locals, ex pats and tourists. Very good, innovative menu with fresh ingredients make this worth a trip.


Mad Hatters –

22 Richmond Road,
(By the Mariners Club)
Tel: +1 (441) 297 MAD1
+1 (441) 297 6231

Mad Hatters, In Bermuda

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Best of Bermuda Awards