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Lusso Bermuda

There is more to a handbag than giving you the opportunity to carry all your essential things with you. After all, if you are going to take a bag with you all day, you might as well have one that complete your outfit. Like shoes and jewellery, the handbag is a proper accessory and you make a fashion statement when choosing one.

Bermuda is known for its luxurious resorts and lifestyle as well as for its great shopping offer. It is also a tax-free place, meaning that you can get great designer products for cheaper than back home. So why not treating yourself with a luxury handbag? You know you can always do with a new one and since it’s cheaper here, you don’t have to justify yourself. In fact, it would be criminal to let go a good bargain and it is your duty to take advantage of the offer.

There are many shops on the island where you can find great handbags and the best amongst them was found to be Lusso. It was indeed voted the place with the best luxury handbags by The Bermudian in its Best of Bermuda Awards. Such a shop could not be located anywhere else than in one of the most beautiful street of Hamilton, Front Street.

It would be without a doubt the first stop of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends if the fictional characters of Sex and the City would ever come to Bermuda. Since the majority of luxury handbags are from Italian designers, Lusso seems the first choice to look for such items. You will not be disappointed, the shop really is the epitome of glamour and high-end fashion accessories.

At Lusso, you will find all the best from the top European designers in the same room: Prada, Fendi, Miu Miu, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo… Every handbag that is at the top of the fashion universe is on display at Lusso. For example, last year the shop had the number one summer bag for 2010, the see-through crystal bag from Prada.

What really distinguish Lusso from any other shops in Bermuda that sells women’s handbags, purses, suitcases and other accessories is that its products are a level above any of them. Here, this is fashion at its trendiest. The atmosphere is sophisticated and the service is the most attentive. Everything is made to enhance your already fantastic shopping experience.

Even though Lusso is the place to get the best luxury handbags in Bermuda, it doesn’t exclusively sell handbags. The luxurious collections are completed by selections of scarves, wallets, sunglasses, shoes and other accessories. Men will not be left alone waiting while you are shopping thanks to selections of ties, wallets and shoes.

From the minute you walk past outside Lusso to the moment you leave the shop with your new bag in hand, you will be enchanted by the most stylish and enviable luxury handbags you have ever seen. Women in Bermuda are the same as anywhere else in the world and sometimes they simply need to have the last designer handbag. That’s why they go to Lusso, because it has the best luxury handbags choice on the island. And while you are buying a new handbag, why not getting matching accessories. You will also need a dress to go with it, but that’s another story.

Lusso Bermuda – 51 Front St., Hamilton, HM11; 441 295 6734

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