Last Week in Bermuda February 24th to March 2nd

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Pharrell Williams

An inspirational veteran teacher is honoured. Bermuda is chosen as the site of a historical international signing. Young rugby stars excel at a local schools tournament. A Fab Four tribute act rocks out the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts. A Bermuda daredevil plans on putting his names in the record books. This is while a famous recording star put island fashion on the map at the Oscars. This has been an amazing seven days in the news in Bermuda.

Last week saw Bermuda pay tribute to a veteran educator at Pennos Wharf on the 27th of February. This was when the Corporation of St. George’s Activities Committee held an event in honour of 89 year old Ms. Ianthe Pearman. The schoolteacher from St. George’s has been a long standing member of staff at East End Primary School. Her tremendous service was commemorated at a function with various luminaries in attendance.

They included Dr Grant Gibbons, the Bermuda Minister of Education & Economic Development, Walton Brown, the Shadow Minister of Education, Dame Jennifer Smith, the one time Premier and Education Minister of Bermuda, Lovitta Foggo MP, Senator Renee Ming and Mr Garth Rothwell, the Mayor of St. George’s.

A spokesperson, commenting on the event, remarked how Ms. Pearman had: “taught many generations of families, and we the Committee felt the need to celebrate Ms. Pearman for her dedication to the East End Community. She is well remembered by many, and will be celebrating her 90th birthday later this year”.

“Ms. Pearman has impacted many lives in St. George’s and this is just a small way of showing our appreciation for her commitment to the education of many people. Ms. Pearman has taught many who have been successful in many sectors in our island such as a former Premier, Members of Parliament, Senators, Mayors, Aldermen, Councillors, accountants, assistant police commissioners, engineers, teachers and the list goes on”.

In conclusion, the spokesperson said: “The Committee consists of the Corporation of St. George’s elected members, residents, business owners and the politicians who have an interest in getting St. George’s active again. Members of our committee were students of Ms. Pearman and therefore, we find the need to honour her now.” –

It was announced last week that Bermuda will welcome various nations from across the globe on March 11th. They will be signing the Hamilton Declaration on Collaboration for the Conservation of the Sargasso Sea. The historical occurrence is being organised by the Government of Bermuda, with the financial backing of the Sargasso Sea Alliance.

The signing of the Declaration is being seen as a historic non obligation political pledge. This is a statement being made by numerous administrations round the world, who wish to team up to try and help save the stretch of ocean known as the Sargasso Sea. This is the body of water with a vast ecosystem, taking up a massive two million square miles around the island.

The countries signing the Declaration will give the Sargasso Sea conservation initiative their backing. They can also talk through plans to help conserve this beautiful piece of ocean. They will be overseen by established island associations, as well as those from overseas.

The Declaration furthermore states that the confines of the Sargasso Sea ecosystem will take in the Bermuda waters. This is along with international waters and those places exceeding Bermuda’s scope or jurisdiction. However, the Government of Bermuda will maintain control and sovereignty of the Bermuda Exclusive Economic Zone (BEEZ).

On speaking of the Declaration, Trevor Moniz, Bermuda Minister of Environment and Health said: “The benefits which are anticipated to stem from the signing of this Declaration will include worldwide recognition of the Sargasso Sea as an ecologically important and unique global resource and Bermuda being seen as a global leader in initiating international collaboration for high seas protection.”

Mr Moniz stated that: “Bermuda has always been a leader in marine conservation since the banning of fish pots decades ago. And now by taking the lead to conserve the Sargasso Sea through the organizing, hosting and chairing of this conference we further affirm our reputation as stewards of the sea.” –

There was an exciting days Junior rugby played in Bermuda last week. This saw Sandys Secondary Middle School triumph at the Bermuda Schools Sports Federation tournament, held at the National Sports Centre on Friday the 28th of February. The school won the Middle School Boys’ A title after beating Saltus Grammar School 4-3 in a nail biting sudden death finish. The match saw Joseph Basden scoring three tries for Sandys, while Quanaceo Hunt also got on the score sheet. Dylan Somerville scored two tries for Saltus Grammar School, while his team mate Peter Sylvester scored their other try. Sandys furthermore defeated Saltus in the boys’ B tag final 6-5.

However, it was not all bad news for Saltus. The girls team defeated Sandy’s in the Girl’s Final match 3-2. The school also triumphed in the Senior School Rugby Sevens tournament, scoring wins against CedarBridge Academy, Warwick Academy, the Bermuda Institute and Berkeley. –

Last weekend saw the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts come to an end with a shout. This was when the Fab Four tribute band American English took to the stage of the Fairmont Southampton Resort on Friday, February 28th and Saturday, March 1st. When they put on The Complete Beatles Tribute.

The tribute group, from Illinois in the US, have been called ‘The Beatles incarnate’. Music fans could very well see why when they started playing their set list of Beatles hits. This is while decked out in their authentic looking clothes and hairstyles. They were fittingly enough performing on the same month the Beatles made their historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan television show in America, half a century earlier.

The Beatles tribute band American English are made up of Frank Canino (playing John Lennon), Eric Michaels (Paul McCartney), James Paul Lynch (George Harrison) and Tom Gable (Ringo Starr). They were appearing alongside Ken Zemanek as The Beatles legendary producer George Martin, for an incredible set of concerts for Beatles fans in Bermuda. –

On the subject of incredible achievements, it has been revealed that a 44 year old telecom engineer from Bermuda could be about to set off on a thrilling adventure. Scott Amos looks set to be the first person from the island to carry out a free dive to 50 metres, with a single breath.

This is after carrying out a 164ft free dive of Dean’s Blue Hole. It is a landmark thought to be the deepest cave or sinkhole, known as a blue hole, on earth, with its entrance below sea level. It is to be found in Clarence Town on Long Island, in the Bahamas.

Mr Amos, having conquered this particular attraction, is now thinking of travelling to Honduras in Central America to take part in a global free diving competition later this year. The adventurer said that: “As far as we know there are no numbers on the board when it comes to Bermudians and free diving. I’m thinking about going to Honduras to compete for Bermuda to see if I can put some official figures on the board for the country. The dive in Bahamas was obviously not accredited by the international governing body as it was not a proper competition. But we don’t know of anyone from Bermuda who has done a 50-metre free dive before.”

He added that: “When US champion Ashley Chapman was in Bermuda with the Performance Free diving International in 2011 I took the course and was able to increase my breath hold from just over two minutes to four minutes 45 seconds. Recently Ashley and her husband set up their own company, Evolve Free diving, and that is who we went to the Bahamas with this time”.

He conceded that the sport is dangerous and should never be attempted alone, but with safety divers. However, he said that: “There is now a small group of us in Bermuda that enjoy free diving”. –

Finally, speaking of making a big splash, it seemed that everybody was looking at American recording artist Pharrell Williams at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. The singer, rapper and producer showed up at the Oscars, where he had been nominated for the hit song `Happy` from `Despicable Me 2`, in what had been called a “Bermuda tuxedo.”

This was a tuxedo suit where the trousers had been cut in the shape of Bermuda shorts. The inventive fashion statement didn’t bring Mr. Williams any luck in the Oscar race though. `Happy` lost out to the Disney film `Frozen`. However, the impossibly catchy song has gone on to become something of a global phenomenon. People around the world have been recreating the famous video, where ordinary folk lip sync to the track. The people of the island have also caught the bug, but with little wonder. After all, isn’t Bermuda famous for being one of the happiest places on earth? –

This has been a rundown of the past week’s news in Bermuda. We just love a happy ending.

Last Week in Bermuda February 24th to March 2nd

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