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If looking for a refreshing change when dining in Bermuda, then jump to Juice and Beans. It is a hot vegetarian restaurant on Front Street, Hamilton.

This is where you could pull up a high back chair or lounge on a couch suite and have a coffee. It is the perfect spot to sit and read a newspaper or magazine in comfort, as pedestrians, holidaymakers and residents, walk by. You will feel right at home at the Juice and Beans cafe.

This family orientated venture has been offering first class vegetarian dishes for almost three years, since it first opened in the summer of 2009. It has proved to be a great hit with the citizenry of Bermuda. Juice and Beans brings you the best vegetable medleys, chickpeas and top rated potato curries. This is as well as preparing a range of delicious salads and sandwiches of all kinds.

You can stop into juice and Beans for breakfast in the morning. Why not try some granola, muesli, fruit parfaits or a tasty bagel. The restaurant serves an array of coffees to suit any palette. These cover the classical Cappuccino, Mocha, Macchiato and Espresso, alongside the widely admired Sumatra Blue Batak drip.

Juice and Beans furthermore has a fabulous selection of teas. This is as well as the finest fruit smoothies, made with natural ingredients and no sugar. These include the marvellous Match Green, Mango Tango and Strawberry Classic Smoothie, to name but a few. The milk smoothies are made from soy milk or semi skimmed if you wish.

There has been some attention and reviews brewing about Juice and Beans on the  travel review site Trip Advisor.


One reviewer has said:

This is what coffee shops should be like, always friendly and this one is family owned and run.

Another visitor to the site said:

I like it because (a) it’s usually open late and (B) has decent ice cream for a reasonable price. A good place to sit and cool down for half an hour.

Juice ‘N Beans
61 Front Street,
Hamilton HM 11,

Phone: (441) 292-6454

Juice ‘N Beans

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