John Smith's Bay in Bermuda

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John Smiths Bay

Are you planning on visiting Smith’s Parish on a trip to Bermuda? Then why not journey to John Smith’s Bay?

This is a tourist spot, renowned for being the only beach open to the public in the area. It has striking pink sand common to Bermuda and clear shallow water.

The beach is quiet and peaceful. It is suitable for all ages with snorkelling and ample parking, amongst other features. There is also a reef close by. It is teaming with marine life; including the incredible brightly coloured parrot fish.

Visitors should be aware, though, that the beach is known for rip-tides. However it is closely supervised by highly trained lifeguards all summer long.

John Smith’s Bay is situated close to South Road. The beach is named after the famous English sea Captain John Smith. He was one of the first to colonize the US state of Virginia. This was where he met Pocahontas, daughter of the Indian chief Powhatan, in 1607.
Pocahontas has a strong connection with Bermuda. She married a fellow English settler named John Rolfe In 1614. Rolfe, strangely enough, was part of the crew of the Sea Venture. This was the ship captained by Sir George Somers which was wrecked on a reef in Bermuda back in 1609.

But the story also goes; in 1624 Captain John Smith originally conceived a map of Bermuda. This is despite the fact he had never actually been there. It is a moment that has gone down in history and inspired this beachfront to be christened John Smith Bay.

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