Jobson's Cove Beach, Warwick

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Jobsons Cove Beach Bermuda

There are little gems everywhere around Bermuda for those who are ready to step away from tourists paths and Jobson’s Cove Beach is one of them.

Located in Warwick next to Warwick Long Bay, the beach is completely enclosed by huge limestone and hardened volcanic lava rocks, separating it from the ocean. This means that the water is very calm and that the beach is isolated from any sea breeze, a rare fact in Bermuda. It is an ideal place for children who can enjoy the water without any risk of strong current or waves.

Jobson’s Cove Beach is like a natural swimming-pool with beautiful pink sand and shallow waters, and protected from the wind. You can climb the rocks – with caution as they can be slippery – and have amazing views of the ocean and the beach. It is a relaxing and serene place, a picture-perfect beach like you would think only exists in films.

As most beaches on the island, Jobson’s Cove can become busy during the summer months but if you are going there on the morning or after lunch time, you should be able to enjoy a more private time.

It is a favourite for locals, especially families because kids can’t go past the rocks into the ocean and the bottom is covered in soft sand. The lack of facilities isn’t much of a problem given the beach is very close from Warwick Long Bay Beach where such facilities can be used by anyone.

The reef that separates the bay from the open ocean as well as the rocks provide a great habitat for many colourful fish. And because the water is very clear, the bay is a haven for snorkellers, especially younger ones.

If you come by bus, take the number 7 to Warwick Long Bay Beach and walk down a sandy trail to Jobson’s Cove. The best way to get there, as pretty much everywhere in Bermuda, is to rent a scooter and live your vacation at your own rhythm – well, we think so, anyways!

Even if it doesn’t have the grandeur of Elbow Beach or Horseshoe Bay, take time to visit Jobson’s Cove or you might regret it like this Trip Advisor reviewer who wrote:

“Wish I had gone there earlier in my trip. Didn’t get to spend much time there since we found it late in our trip but the beach was great.”

You can even walk here from Horseshoe Bay Beach then to Warwick Long Bay, it is about a mile on a soft sandy trail. Or go the other way, ending up at Horseshoe Bay, which has great facilities and a snack bar.

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