Jamaican Grill, In Bermuda

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Jamaican grill

If searching for the finest Jamaican and West Indian cuisine in Bermuda, then you don’t have to look very far. You will experience a carnival of Caribbean food at the jumping Jamaican Grill.

This is a warm family restaurant, with a modest, easy going setting. It is located close to Hamilton, and is just the place for a quick bite, without having to pay too much.

The restaurant prepares the most delicious Jamaican fare. These range from succulent lobster, to roast beef coated in mushroom sauce, macaroni and cheese, pineapple-glazed chicken and the nations signature meal; the classical Ackee. The Jamaican Grill also rustles up the finest curry chicken, curried goat, oxtail stew and salt fish with peas and rice, to name but a few.

Patrons could furthermore treat themselves to our choice of cookies and home baked cakes. There is a wonderful selection of soft drinks on offer. These include the refreshing Jamaican Ting, made of grapefruit. The restaurant also serves the greatest ice tea, alongside pineapple drinks flavoured with ginger, carrot or mango. Patrons can sit in the beautiful upstairs dining room, with take away available downstairs.


The Jamaican Grill has been cooking up a storm on Trip Advisor.

One review said:

The food is authentic and the guys are great. They remember what you like.

Another reviewer stated:

If you like fried fish, ox tail, jerk chicken, cow foot, or other traditional Jamaican dishes, you can get it here.

A fellow reviewer added:

The menu was pretty varied with the normal Jamaican style dishes, and the prices were cheaper. The staff was very friendly and helpful in picking out dishes.

One more reviewer commented:

Will always love their Deep Dale Specials and a little curry gravy with that. Don’t forget the Coco Bread!!!

Jamaican Grill

32 Court Street,
Hamilton HM 10,

Jamaican Grill

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