Jabulani Repertory Company, Bermuda

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Dusty Hind - Founder Of Bermuda's Jabulani Repertory Company

Dusty Hind - Founder Of Bermuda's Jabulani Repertory Company

The Jabulani Repertory Company,  based at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, is one of the most highly regarded theatre companies on the Island.

It has been on the pinacle of theatre since its formation, back in 1993. The company has staged many wonderful, important productions and is the toast of the theatre word in Bermuda.

If you appreciate  top quality acting, writing and set design, then taking in a performance is a must. They offer an unforgettable evening out for residents and tourists alike and help you lose yourself in the wonder of the theatre.

The Jabulani Repertory Company was the brainchild of  Dusty Hind, who was a leading light in the theatre scene in the 1990s. He produced over 20 shows for The Jabulani Repertory Company, and is a huge part of the colourful history and tradition that built this rep company’s rep.

It’s always a good show, when you experience a production of the Jabulani Repertory Company in  Bermuda.

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