Hubie’s Bar Hamilton (Closed until further notice)

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Hubies Bar Bermuda

HUBIES closed until further notice!

Hubie’s Bar in Bermuda has been around for many years, entertaining people who love music and providing a home for many, many, talented musicians.

Live music has been an important part of popular culture in Bermuda for many years and Hubie’s has contributed its fair share of live music, acts and culture making it one of the best known and loved venues on the Island.

Local musical favourites and international Jazz artists have played and entertained thousands of paying guests for over 30 years. It’s been a hive of cool, live jazz along with long, smooth drinks for some time now – but it wasn’t always so.

After many years of operating at the heart of the jazz music scene at Bermuda, Hubie’s closed down in May 2010. Old patrons became just that, older. And, there wasn’t the flow of new patrons coming through. Changes in tastes and lifestyle had meant that the number of paying guests that frequently Hubie’s meant it simply couldn’t stay afloat and the inevitable happened, it shut its doors. The original owner Hubie Brown had passed away and his wife Molly had no option but foreclosure due to the place losing money. However, an astonishing thing happened. There was such a deep and widespread sadness among Bermudians that Bermuda’s former Minister of Culture Dale Butler, made an hour-long documentary on Hubie’s named Chilled and Shaken. Then other people in Bermuda started rallying together with a pride in Hubie’s and music and passion for a loved place that’s rarely seen these days and Hubie’s opened its doors again under new management.

The new owner Wanda Bremar, was one of the thousands saddened by closing of Hubie’s and she decided to buy the bar and not only keep it alive but reinvent it for a new generation as well as the old.

The Loft at Hubie’s books the best jazz bands on the island for weekly sessions on Friday from 7 to 10. Other kinds of live music might be on the schedule other nights—whatever it is, it’s bound to be good. There’s a $10 cover, which includes a drink.

Under the new management, it now operates under the name The Loft at Hubie’s. The live house act, ‘The Spirit’, continue to be on the bill on Friday evenings as before. It has now adopted other musical tastes and genres through the week as it just cannot survive on Jazz alone.

As the bar is off the tourist trail, it’s advisable to get a taxi cab when going to Hubie’s if you don’t know the place. It’s well worth it to keep the place alive and it literally will be music to your ears!


Find it at 10 Angle Street in Hamilton, Pembroke.

Hubie’s Bar in Hamilton

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Hubie’s Bar in Hamilton, Bermuda – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles’ Things To Do in Bermuda series!