Horse Riding at Spicelands Riding Centre in Bermuda

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Horse Riding at Spicelands Riding Centre Bermuda

Bermuda is a great island to spend time on, not only for its legendary beaches of sand pink and the clear blue waters, but also for its landscapes.

The sub-tropical climate here is much more clement than in the Caribbean so you can explore the island at anytime.

Horseback riding is one of the way you can move around Bermuda and the Spicelands Riding Centre is one of the two stables on the island. In the countryside setting of Warwick, the island’s premiere equine facility gives you a choice of activities such as trail riding, riding lessons for all ages and levels, and full service boarding facilities.

The centre is at close proximity of the Railway Trail and its scenic routes leading to the beaches and beach paths. The 18 miles of the former Bermuda railway that closed in 1948 were transformed into a trail in 1984. Ideal for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, the trail offers one of the best ways to discover the varied and beautiful scenery of Bermuda.

The Spicelands Riding Centre offers different types of rides on the Railway Trail along the south shores without any experience being required. There are six ride times to allow everyone to ride at the time that suit them best: 7am, 8.30am, 10.30am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

You can take a private ride ($180 per person) with just your group, lasting one hour and a half. The tour can be tailored to your need or level, whether you just want to enjoy a new experience with friends or family or you are experienced riders and want more than just a walk.

The group ride ($80 per person) is a paced walk along the beach that anyone can join and takes you along the trail. The centre can also accommodate a romantic Private Ride for those who want to make their marriage proposal a special memory.

For every rides, protective gear is provided, and it is recommended to wear hard-soled shoes or sneaker.

On Trip Advisor, reviewers write that it is the:

“Best private trail ride ever”, Absolutely loved this ride and will be a memory I’ll never forget. “Great Trail ride in Bermuda”, The trail ride was very scenic and travelled along the beach, just beautiful.

The centre also has a programme of riding lessons for all riders from the age of 4 and that include riding, stable management (care, health, nutrition). Every new riders has to take a private lesson to assess their level before taking part in the group lessons. For children under 6, pony rides are available ($20 for 20 minutes).

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