Horizons Golf Course Bermuda

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Horizons Golf Course Bermuda

The Horizons Golf Course is the solitary Mashie course in Bermuda. It is situated on the south-west of Paget Parish.

This private establishment has nine holes, heading in both directions. It results in a one of a kind round of 18 holes, with a par 27. The course is laid out for guests of the Horizon Cottages but not exclusively. It is also open to the general public.

This central golf course is a hallmark of the wonderful Cottage local hotel and resort. It is a high class cottage colony in Bermuda. It is placed on a hilltop amongst picturesque gardens and lawns. The resort makes up a land mass of 25 acres. There are many beautiful cottages nearby; numbering 13. They surround a renovated manor house, dating back to the 18th Century. This makes The Horizons Golf Course a different kind of golfing experience, not to be missed.

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