Homers Cafe Exhibit: "Radiant Joy" by Robyn Hooper

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Radiant Joy by Robyn Hooper

The local artist Robyn Hooper has just put her most recent works on display. You can come and see them at the Homers Cafe Exhibit called “Radiant Joy”, which has just began its run.

The show is being held at the popular cafe come art hub at the Masterworks Art Gallery, located at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. The gallery is situated on South Road in Paget Parish. The special exhibit “Radiant Joy” will be showing on Saturday, March 1st and throughout the month, till the 27th.

When promoting her ongoing show, the artist quoted the famous American poet and author T. S. Elliot. He once said that: “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Mrs Hooper called her art show: “an exploration, just as life is”. She said that she was: “Learning the most as I go along, making mistakes and discovering the beauty in them. Life is so stunning, abundant and joyful each day. It’s as though I am seeing colours for the first time. I am grateful to be living on our island, our jubilant, radiant Bermuda.” This is the spirit which shines through her exhibit.

Savour the work of one of Bermuda’s most promising artists by viewing “Radiant Joy” by Robyn Hooper, at Homer’s Cafe at the Masterworks Art Gallery.

Homers Cafe Exhibit: “Radiant Joy” by Robyn Hooper

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