Heritage Walk Hamilton

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Heritage Walk Hamilton Bermuda

If you love architecture and history, then the City of Hamilton’s Heritage walk will be right up your street – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Created as part of Bermuda’s 400th anniversary celebrations, which occurred in 2009, the Heritage Walk is a wonderful historical trail around the city streets, taking in some of the most important buildings and monuments in Bermuda all linked to the Island’s development and growth as a nation.

Dubbed a ‘Walkway of History’ by the City fathers, it takes followers on a pilgrimage of Bermuda’s past, identifying  significant sites of architectural, social, cultural or historical importance in the city.

There are named plaques installed in the sidewalk at various points along the route to point out the tour, the start and end of which is in front of the City Hall in Church Street, close to the west side of the bus terminal in Hamilton. You can do the trail at your leisure – in parts or in its entirety – and as it is circular, you finish up where you left of (if you do it in one!).

Photograph Of Old Hamilton Bermuda

The City of Hamilton is named after Henry Hamilton who was Governor of Bermuda from 1788 to 1794. He was the founding father of the city and had a significant role in its formation in 1793 when an Act of Parliament declared it a town. For many years, a central location was sought for the capital of Bermuda and in 1815 the capital was moved from St George’s to Hamilton, where it’s still the capital today. In 1897 Hamilton became a city. The city’s motto is ‘Sparsa Collegit’, which translates form Latin in to English as ‘brought together the scattered’.

The tour has twenty-six parts or locations to it, where you’ll find guiding plaques:

  1. Church Street in Front of City Hall
  2. Eastern gate of Victoria Park on Cedar Avenue
  3. Cedar Avenue
  4. Corner Decar Avenue and Angle Street
  5. Junctions of North and Angle Streets
  6. Corner of Angle and Court Streets
  7. Corner of Elliot and Princes Streets
  8. Corner of Dundonald and Court Streets
  9. Dr E.F. Gordon Square on Dundonald Street
  10. Corner of Dundonald and King Streets
  11. Corner of King Street and Victoria Street
  12. Victoria Street at Joell’s Alley
  13. Corner of Victoria and Court Streets
  14. Court Street between Victoria and Church Streets
  15. Court Street between Church and Reid Streets
  16. Corner Court and Front Streets
  17. Front Street opposite Cenotaph
  18. Corner of Parliament and Reid Street
  19. Corner of Reid Street and Chancery Lane
  20. South side of Front Street opposite Chancery Lane
  21. Old Yacht Club Steps on Front Street
  22. Corner of Front and Queen Streets
  23. Corner of Queen and Reid Streets
  24. Corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets
  25. Corner of Burnaby and Church Streets
  26. Return to City Hall

You should give yourself two hours to complete the Heritage Walk if you wish to complete it in one sitting (or walk, as the case may be!).

Heritage Walk in Hamilton, Bermuda

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