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Harbourfront Restaurant Bermuda

With the many delicious species of fish swimming about at the large of Bermuda, it is no wonder that sushi are popular on the island. The competition for the best sushi is therefore always rich in contenders and this year, it is the Harbourfront Restaurant that take the first place as it did in 2009.

Located at the ground floor of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Insitute, in Hamilton, the Harbourfront has without doubt the best selection of sushi in town and now the best sushi in Bermuda. You can choose from the sushi of the menu or if you are a sushi lover opt for the sushi and tempura bar, the Komodaru Sushi Lounge.

The choice is so impressive that you are bound to find some sushi that you like. There is 8 varieties of maki specials and the same for the Emperor’s maki special (6 rolls for each); 11 types of sashimi (3 pieces each); 13 types of maki mono rolls (6 pieces each) and temaki (cone shape); and 15 different nigiri (2 pieces each).

The Harbourfront also has 8 starters on its sushi menu, including miso soup, tuna tartare and spicy seaweed salad. Vegetarians can still eat sushi with the restaurant’s 5 vegetarian options such as the aspargus tempura roll or the grilled vegetable roll. If you are one for sharing, then you will like the Sushi Boats that have a selection of each type of sushi for either 2, 3 or 4 persons. Finally, the Osaka Box offers 6 pieces of rice layered with raw (tuna and salmon) or cooked (shrimp and eel) ingredients.

The sushi bar is open between 5pm and 10pm, every day, with a happy hour from 5pm to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday only. You can then get sushi, wine, beer and highballs, as well as a complimentary miso soup for $5.95 (£3.85), a bargain price to have a chance at eating the best sushi in Bermuda!

As the home of the best sushi, the Harbourfront Restaurant specialises in seafood and fish is served in a wide variety of ways. Depending on your taste, you can have it pan fried, broiled, baked, or even Cajun style. They serve also the famous Bermuda chowder, a succulent local fish soup with ta twist of Bermuda black rum and sherry peppers.

The presence in the kitchen of head chef Thong Lee Goh is a guarantee of traditional and great taste of Japanese. That is not only experts that recognise the excellence of the Harbourfront because their award for best sushi was this year the ‘People’s Choice’.

With the opening of a grill room in 2001, the Harbourfront added dry aged meats to its menu. In order to become as best with meat than with their sushi, chefs were sent to learn all about the meat ageing process from the best in the world. Similarly, their meats are coming directly from specialist New-York butchers DeBragga and Spitler.

The restaurant that belongs to the Little Venice Group, also owner of 4 other establishments in Bermuda (the Little Venice, La Coquille, L’Oriental et La Trattoria) is located in Hamilton and offers great views of the harbour, right by the water, from practically any table. If you have the choice, seat by the enormous window where you will feel like if you were on the water. The outdoor terrace allows you to have your dinner al fresco with extended views of Front Street to make your experience of the best sushi unforgettable.

Harbourfront Restaurant in Bermuda – Pembroke Hall, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM19; (441) 295-4207; http://www.harbourfront.bm/

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