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Otto Wurz

There are always an occasion for which you need to find a gift and sometimes you want to be original without having to spend a fortune. Or you just need a little something to show someone you think about them, congratulate them for something they have done or even for no reasons, just to be nice. If you are in any of these situations or any other that calls for finding a gift, from a wedding to a graduation, a birthday or an anniversary, there is only one stop for you in Bermuda, Otto Wurz.

The shop located in the Vallis Building in Hamilton has everything you need and more. There are so many quality gifts and other items that can’t be found anywhere else on the island that the shop was given the Best of Bermuda Award 2011 for great gifts by the jury of The Bermudian. Even better, Otto Wurz was also the winner of the Award of Excellence of the category Shopping and Services. This clearly makes this the best shop for gifts in Bermuda and a place of importance for all those who like to track original articles and trinkets rather than surrender to the usual electronic gadget or item of clothing when they offer something. The shop is located on Front Street and not hard to find. But once inside, you will be amazed by the quantity of gifts stored and will be guaranteed a few surprises of finding items you never suspect you could find here. If you are looking for something you couldn’t find anywhere else, the chances are high that your quest will end happily at Otto Wurz.

Inside Otto Wurz, you will find two distinctive rooms. The first one when you enter the shop is known as ‘the serious room’, and the second one on the left is called ‘the fun room’. The serious room is more traditional with sterling silver items such as cutlery, jewellery, bracelets, but also all type of more traditional gifts for men and women alike: boxed pen sets, tie pins, cufflinks, place mats and coasters, pewter ware, glassware, even salad sets.

The fun room is more orientated towards the younger people, with many classic gifts as well as more unusual ones. The selection includes some funky clothes hooks, T-shirts, animal tow bar covers, magnets, wind chimes, napkins, can coolers, cribbage sets, many crazy and colourful hats, chairs and the usual humorous greetings cards.

Since a few years, Otto Wurz has increased its children selection and now stocks many wooden handmade articles such as rocking chairs and horses, sets of table and chairs for kids, push toys, doll houses and toy trunks.

The great gift shop Otto Wurz is well-known for wedding and other lists because the staff is always ready to help and guide guests to pick up an article that would match the style and taste of those whom the gift is bought for. Similarly, if you are not sure what to buy to someone, the staff will discuss with you what they are like and their lifestyle and help you make a decision. The shop opened in the 1930’s on Bermudiana Road by Austrian Otto Wurz was bought in 1956 by the grand-mother of the current owner, Anthea Edwards, who moved it in Front Street in 1962.Today, the sons of the owner Christopher and John are the fourth generation involved in the running of Otto Wurz.

Otto Wurz, Bermuda – 3 Front Street, Hamilton, HM12; (441) 295-1247

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