Gombeys To Make A Song And Dance On Bermuda Day, 24th May

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Gombay Dancers

Are you looking for a fun event in Bermuda to make a song and dance about? Then hot foot it to a performance of The Gombeys!

This classical dance and music is a cultural milestone and national institution in Bermuda.

It comes from a combination of British, New World and African tradition. The dance is thought to date back to the slave trade. It is generally performed by a troupe of between 10 and 30 male dancers. They are known for their colourful masks and costumes, with head dresses made of peacock feathers. The Gombey is usually danced at high energy to a thumping drum beat. The routines are invariably derived from Bible stories and are taught verbally within families – this passes the tradition down through the generations.

The Gombey is always performed at high energy and gets progressively faster. The dance is performed at important occasions, such as Easter and Christmas, as well as sporting events, like cricket or soccer matches. The Gombey is set to be danced at this year’s Bermuda Day celebrations on 24th May.

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