Gilbert Nature Reserve Bermuda

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Gilbert Nature Reserve Bermuda

While many people know about the beautiful beaches and the turquoise waters of Bermuda, there are many other treasures on the island that tourists have no idea about. We have the chance to live in a place where nature is still important and preserved.

Bermuda has many nature reserves where you can discover the fauna and flora of the island. Gilbert Nature Reserve, in the parish of Sandy’s, is one of them, and the best place for bird-watching on the island.

This reserve consists of 2 hectares of unspoiled woodland with many paths that connect it to the Bermuda Railway Trail.

The Gilbert Nature Reserve is one of the easiest ones to reach thanks to its connections to the Trail but also because it is located on the main road in Somerset Village. It is one of the many nature reserves owned by the Bermuda National Trust and it was acquired by the trust in 1973. The place is named after the Gilbert family who owned it from the 1700’s up to its acquisition by the Trust.

The reserve is predominantly a forest full of trees and shrubs and has some of the finest examples of mature Bermuda cedar trees in its northeast corner. They can be seen along the numerous trails that cross the reserve and like the rest of the forest are home to many bird species. The Gilbert Nature Reserve is great for those who like nature and walking as well as for family with children and there even are areas for picnic.

Next to the Gilbert Nature Reserve is an old mansion called Springfield and that is also owned by the National Bermuda Trust. The house was built in the early 18th century and is a remarkable example of the architecture of Bermuda at the time. It is a typical plantation’s mansion and one of the more important architectural treasure of Bermuda.

The mansion is now the Sandy’s Community Centre and is open to everyone free of admission. Inside Springfield is a buttery, a room that was used for the preparation of food and drinks, and that is reputedly one of the most photographed room on the island. You can also visit the slave quarters of the house that indicate that Springfield was once a rather large plantation.

Gilbert Nature Reserve is located at about five miles from Hamilton and lies near the geographic centre of Bermuda. The nature and the Springfield mansion are both opened to public from dawn until dusk and is can be reached by the bus routes number 7, 8 and 14. The admission to both the reserve and the mansion is free and you can visit them on your own or as part of organised tours.

Gilbert Nature Reserve is a great place to go and spend the day if you are staying in or near Hamilton. During hot days, the forest is a fresh haven and will allow you to spend a few hours in a calm and quiet area.

Gilbert Nature Reserve in Bermuda

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