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Gibbons Company Bermuda

A delight for the tourists who have no worries about the way they look, the great Bermuda weather can be the cause of a few difficulties for those who live here and like to look good. It is even harder for business men who have to work when the sun and the temperatures are high up. But despite this, Bermudian men are renowned for the way they always dress in style. Whether they need to be looking smart for business or can allow themselves to be casual, they like to take care of what they are wearing.

Amongst the many shops in Bermuda where men can get their attire, there is one that stands out. Gibbons Company, located on Reid Street, at the heart of Hamilton, was given the best men’s business casual award by The Bermudian in their 2011 Best of Bermuda listing. The shop was found to have the best choice when it comes to men’s fashion, whatever style they are looking for their business outfit.

Thankfully for men, the famous Bermuda shorts have been declared a correct national day and evening outfit when it comes to non-formal occasions, even including meetings. Those who choose to adopt this traditional style need to wear the shorts with the Bermuda hose, these long knee-length socks, as well as with a buttoned and short sleeved shirt, preferably white or blue. A tie, a single or double breasted navy blue blazer, or a linen jacket, has to be worn too. Loafer shoes with tassel, generally black or brown, complete the national business dress outfit for men.

The Bermuda shorts come in a very wide range of colour, from the classic and conservative grey, beige, navy blue or even dark, to the more alive orange, yellow, pink, green or burgundy. There is no black as Bermuda shorts are not considered as formal wear. You can imagine how delicate it is to match any of these colours with socks, shirt, tie and jacket in order to look the part as a business man.

For those whose type of business casual dress is the Bermuda-shorts-and-knee-socks one, the large choice of clothes of Gibbons makes it the ideal place to shop. The store has a Bermuda Business Style collection with shorts made of linen and polyester, or polyester and wool, to suit any season. Socks are available in a blend of cotton and nylon, or wool and nylon.

Similarly, the department store has everything for those who are more fashion icons and like to dress following the latest trends while staying casual.

Gibbons Company is one of the island’s oldest retailers and is still run by the same Gibbons family who started it as the Woman’s Shop in 1923. It evolved into the Gibbons Company in 1987 to become one of the largest department store in Bermuda. Today, the Gibbons Company is a store that extends onto three floors for a total surface of 33,000 square feet that covers a big part of Reid Street. On top of this giant department store, the Gibbons family also owns the MAC Cosmetics store (Front Street, Hamilton), the women’s fashion shops Nine West and Twenty 5 Reid (both on Reid Street, Hamilton), The Perfume Shop (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard), and the fragrance shop Peniston Brown (Water Street, St. George).

Gibbons Company – 21 Reid St., Hamilton, HM11; 441 295 0022; –

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