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Genora Divas Boutique

Fashion is very important in Bermudians life and only at the beach are you expected to wear nothing but a bathsuit. As soon as you step up in a town, the etiquette wants that you wear appropriate clothing. This is what makes Bermuda so different from the Caribbean islands and a  much more pleasant place to be.

Accessories are also an important part of many outfits and amongst them hats are more and more popular. The best hats in Bermuda have been found to be those of Genora Divas Boutique by The Bermudian in its Best of Bermuda Awards 2011.

In terms of outfit on the island, the Bermuda short, famous all over the world, is what most people wear, locals and tourists alike. With its hem 1 inch below the knee, it is elegant and perfectly adapted to the clement climate. Many restaurants accept it as a casual clothing and it certainly looks classier than shorts or swimwear, which is why Bermuda is reputed for its elegance and good taste.

The only problem with the Bermuda short is that fashion icons can have a hard time figuring out what else to wear with it in order to look great. First of all, the rule of getting appropriately dressed includes wearing a shirt and shoes, sandals being the most comfortable. If you want to look good and are conscious of your image, accessories are great to complete Bermuda shorts.

The most common and easiest accessory is of course a hat. Not only it is an elegant addition to a style, it also offers some protection against the sun that can be quite hot in this part of the world. There is many types of hats, the best to complete a Bermuda look being a large and floppy hat, a fisherman’s hat or a straw fedora. You can also opt for a more casual and practical style by wearing a brimmed hat or a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. Mainly the best hats to wear with Bermuda shorts are those that are subtly patterned, especially when it comes to patterned shorts when the risk of clash of colours would ruin your efforts.

Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, Genora Divas Boutique was voted the place to go for the best hats on the island. Opened in 2009 in Brunswick Street, in Hamilton, the boutique is the dream come true of owner Genora Trott who had wanted to do so since she was a teenager. She has always been an avid follower of fashion and even worked for a few years as a model at the time jazz shows were taking place at the Atlantic Beach Club.

You can expect to find whatever you need and more at Genora Divas Boutique. There is stylish or sophisticated hats, bold and colourful hats that could be wear at church, large and floppy hats for an evening in the town or a cocktail party on the beach, or small and fashionable fascinators like Kate Middleton likes to wear.

Along with the best hats in Bermuda, Genora Divas Boutique stocks a variety of accessories including stylish handbags, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But it is before all a clothing boutique and has specialised in offering stunning ranges for everyone, from sizes 8 to 26. Bigger sizes are not stocked but Genora Trott says she can specially order for sizes up to 36W.

Genora Divas Boutique Bermuda – 12 Brunswick Street, Hamilton, HM10; 441 295 0298

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