West Whale Bay

A selection of images from West Whale Bay in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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At the western end of Southampton parish and next to the parish of Sandy, the West Whale Bay Beach takes is name from the time when the whaling industry was strong in Bermuda.

The shallow waters of the nearby south shores was the ideal site for whalers to cut the mammals they caught. They also used to launch their boats from the bay.

Whaling isn’t in practice any more on the Island and the beach is also named after the humpbacks whales passing about during their migration from the Caribbean, in March, April and May. The beach is one of the best places in Bermuda to spot whales.

You also get an excellent view from the cliffs and hills that surround the shore. The grassy area of the West Whale Bay Park gives a good vantage point as well as providing a comfortable space for picnics especially since it has some facilities. The bay is accessible by taxi or scooter and is located off Middle Road at the end of Whale Bay Road.

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