Tom Moore’s Jungle

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Tom Moore’s Jungle is another name for The Walsingham Nature Reserve in Bermuda. It is found on the North East of Harrington Sound in Hamilton Parish. The reserve is operated by a private trust. It is so named because, in 1844, Thomas Moore, the Irish poet, wrote some of his famous works here, beneath a calabash tree.

The Walsingham Nature Reserve will make people feel like they are really walking through a jungle. It has woodland trails and dirt paths, under the cover of trees.  People enter the reserve across from the Grotto Bay Beach hotel. It is the spot where Blue Hole Hill intersects with the causeway. The reserve takes in a land mass of 12 acres. There are many different facilities and natural features designed to attract visitors.

Visitors could take a walk and go hiking along trails and walkways, passing mangroves and caverns of sea water.  The reserve has a wide range of foliage, trees and plant life. There are also pools of deep water and dry caves, among other points of interest.

The government of Bermuda oversaw the restoration of a mangrove pond in 1970. Visitors can stand on a wooden platform and look at The Blue Grotto.

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