Tobacco Bay

A selection of images from Tobacco Bay in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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Tobacco Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches of the Northern shores, located at only 10 minutes walk from the centre of the historic city of St. George.

Tobacco Bay Beach was named by the first settlers, those who survived the crash of the Sea Venture, after they found tobacco growing wild here. Even though it can get pretty crowded when a cruise ship docks at St. George, this one beach ticks all the boxes, whether you are coming there with your family, to snorkel, to sunbath, or for the stunning sightseeing.

Evidently, snorkeling is the prime activity on Tobacco Bay Beach. The water is crystal-clear and  the bay is separated from the open ocean by columns of limestone forming a kind of very large and quiet pool. The water can be as deep as 10 feet along these rocks and it is an ideal place to see many fish species, probably where you can spot the most: angelfish, blue parrot-fish, groupers, and the blue walrus.

On the other side of the rocks, the depth of the ocean increases rapidly and you can find reef structures harbouring other fish such as sergeant majors and hog-fish. If you are lucky, you might even spot some snapping turtles, octopuses and lobsters.

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