The Great Sound

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A sunset cruise on the Great Sound is without doubt one of the most romantic things you will ever have the chance to do. The Great Sound is definitely one of the best places to sail in Bermuda. Shaped naturally by the island, it is a kind of huge square of water bordered by the island on three sides and open to the Atlantic Ocean in its North side.

The Great Sound is that body of water surrounded by the southwest of the island, forming Hamilton Harbour in the east. When you arrive in Bermuda on a cruise and stop at the Royal Naval Dockyard, you are just at the entry of the Great Sound. The coral reef that goes from the Dockyard to the Stovell Bay right across forms a kind of barrier that stop the waves and current from the Atlantic Ocean. That is why the waters of the Great Sound give this impression of calm compared to the more agitated outer shores.

A sunset cruise on the Great Sound is a fantastic experience because you have the opportunity to see the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. The islands that form the part of Bermuda between the Dockyard and the Somerset Island are not big enough to spoil the amazing view that it is. At sunset, the whole of the Great Sound is coloured and the atmosphere is fairy-tale like. There are also a dozen a very small islands in the western part of the Great Sound that look amazing with the sunset behind them. Clearly it is the ideal setting to fall in love.

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