St Theresa's Church

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St Theresa’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church; first constructed in 1932. It was erected on Elliott Street (At Cedar Avenue) in the city of Hamilton in Bermuda. The building was crafted in a Spanish deign. It was a substitute for the compact St. Edward’s Church that had been in existence since 1859.  But the church wasn’t considered large enough to house the ever expanding congregation.

It is said more people to this day attend St. Theresa’s each week than any other church in Bermuda. This beautiful house of worship is located near the ferry dock. The original structure was built on a stretch of land bought on Cedar Avenue in 1915. The church was initially blessed in 1932. It was named after St. Therese of Lisieux, the Patron Saint of the Cathedral Church and the diocese. Therese was affectionately referred to as the Little Flower and the cathedral stands as her monument.

The church has gone through extensive rebuilding and remodeling over the years. The eye catching tower was added in 1947.  The church is known for its stunning stain glass windows around the knave. This is along with a modern lighting set ups and carpeting. It is in addition to a glorious Rogers Pipe Organ, among other adornments. The church holds daytime and evening masses .There are also services in Portuguese as well as English.

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