St David’s Battery

A selection of images from St David’s Battery in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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Located in the north east of St. David’s Island in Bermuda lies St. David’s Battery, a strategic military battery built for the defense of Bermuda.

Also known as Great Head Battery because it is part of the larger Great Head National Park, its position as one of the highest and most eastern points in Bermuda meant it was an ideal lookout place as well as live gun and cannon station to defend the island against enemy and invasion.

It is now a national monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a memorial for Bermudians and their countrymen during the wars and also for those lost at sea. It is open to the public as a tourist attraction and as well as it’s interesting military history, it offers some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in Bermuda.

And, it’s not just the views that make it such a worthwhile place to visit on the tourist trail. Getting to the top of the cliffs where it is located involves a splendid nature walk where birds and other wildlife can be seen among the excellent flowers and shrubs dotted around. And, if the scenery of getting there and the magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean aren’t impressive enough, fans of history or armaments will marvel at the four guns at the Battery.

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