Snorkel Park

A selection of images from Snorkel Park in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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A visit to the Island would not be complete without water-sports and King’s Wharf, like the rest of Bermuda, is the ideal site for snorkelling. The Snorkel Park is equipped with marked trails, floating resting stations and there is a lot to discover: sunken cannons, angel fish, parrot fish, doctor fish – never mind amazing coral reefs!

The park provides entertainment for everyone too, with two amazing slides into water and the Jet Ski Safari. The fun doesn’t stop here. After a day playing in the water, hang around for one of the Island beach parties for an evening of entertainment with food, music and activities for all the family.

The appropriately named Snorkel Park is situated on the west side of the parish. This white sandy beach is in the dockyard, close to a popular berth for cruise ships. It is famous for its water sports, with kayaking, paddle boats, and of course snorkeling, among other features. Snorkel Park has a cover charge, but it also provides cabanas, sun chairs and loungers.

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