Shelly Bay

A selection of images from Shelly Bay in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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Bermuda has little gems scattered on its shorelines and Shelly Bay Beach is one of them. Located on the east coast of the island, in Hamilton Parish, it is one of the top beaches for children and families, especially because of its very shallow and warm waters. Named after Henry Shelly, one of the crew members of the Sea Venture – the ship that crashed in Bermuda in 1609, leading to the original settlement – the beach has everything you could ask for: pink sand, wonderful and clear blue warm water, schools of colourful fish, trees to shade the beach…

There is also a playground and a park with picnic facilities next to the beach making it ideal for children and families. It is a favourite of many locals and because there aren’t many hotels in the area, you will not usually find many tourists. At week-ends, you can see local football and cricket teams playing in the park.

There is also a mangrove tidal pool along the beach where you can spot many species of bird. To the north east of the beach is a nature reserve with a wooden boardwalk that takes you through the reserve and along the shoreline. The reserve links the beach to the Bermuda Railway Trail too, so it is a great place from where to walk and explore a bit of the island.

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