Penno's Wharf

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Like, at the other dock in St. George’s, only ships up to 750 feet in length can stop at Penno’s Wharf. The dock is located on the mainland at the west-side of St George.

Located next to Penno’s Wharf is the World Heritage Centre – a former British Customs warehouse. The centre is around 4,500 square feet and contains the visitors information centre, where you’ll get all the information you need to get the most out of your visit to the island. It is definitely a major highlight of Penno’s Wharf and was unveiled in 2006. A theatre was added to the multi-million-dollar attraction in 2008 were you can watch an introduction to the town of St George. In the Orientation Exhibits Gallery, you will discover the rich history of the town including a reduced-size model of St George’s circa 1620 and a full-scale reproduction of the Sea Venture’s deck.

In the wharf, you can also find artisan studios and boutique shops. The whole of St George’s can easily be visited on foot and the Golf Club is only a couple of minutes from the Wharf. If you want to venture outside the town, you can use taxis, buses or rental scooters. There are bus services as well as ferries to Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital and liveliest city.

If you like watersports, Penno’s Wharf is a great place where to start a kayaking tour and discover Millionaire’s Row at Tucker’s Town, the coral and limestone cliffs along the Castle Island Nature Reserve, or even the sunset along the North Shore. You can have a break and relax in beaches only accessible from the water and even go snorkeling.

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