KS Watersports Dockyard

A selection of images from KS Watersports Dockyard in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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KS Water Sports is the place to experience Jet Ski and para-sailing adventures in Bermuda. From two different locations on the island, the town of St. George’s and The Royal Naval Dockyard, comes the opportunity to Jet Ski and para-sail the beautiful sea and sky of Bermuda.

This family owned firm has been in business for a decade, since 2001. It leads the way in providing the most exciting Jet Ski and para-sailing tours. The company has a range of about 22 cutting edge Yamaha watercrafts. It has the biggest fleet in Bermuda. And customers may be assured each vehicle boasts the latest features. There is a wide choice of Jet Ski tours available. They usually take between an hour and 75 minutes. The jet skis can also make speed of up to 43 mph and the tours always carried out in the optimum safety, of course.

K.S. Watersports transports its customers to the best sports around the island to ride jet skis and parasail. The firm has a special boat, designed just for para-sailing. Then you can soak up Bermuda from an elevated position. The island looks even more beautiful from the air.

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