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Given all the weddings organised and celebrated in the island by visitors looking for the most romantic location as well as all the events organised here, there are plenty of florists in Bermuda.

There is however one which surpasses every other florist in Bermuda for the last three years. Flowers By GiMi, the florist of Front Street, in Hamilton, has once again been voted the best in the category fresh flowers at The Bermudian’s Best of Bermuda Awards in 2011 after its success at the 2010 and 2009 editions.

The reputation of Flowers By GiMi for arranging beautiful as well as innovative bouquets is only matched by the quality and the freshness of their flowers which are known for lasting at least a week and often many more days. Furthermore, the philosophy at Flowers By GiMi is to not only anticipate their customers’ expectations but also to surpass them.

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