Gillian's Clinic

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The good thing is that there are many places where you can get pampered on the island, especially the luxurious hotels and resorts. But there is somewhere that was voted the best place for a mani or a pedi by the Best of Bermuda Awards of The Bermudian and it’s Gillian’s Face and Body Clinic.

Everything is great at Gillian’s, from the location to the staff and the many services it offers. Just getting on the South Shore Road to get out of Hamilton for five minutes is a relaxing treatment on its own. Once you arrive to the traditional Bermuda cottage where the holistic spa is hosted, and step inside the décor of soft greens, gold and earth tones, ornaments and antique furnitures, you know that you are going to are in for a treat.

Owned by Gillian, an English experienced beauty therapist, the clinic is not only the best place for a mani or a pedi, it also knows how to make you feel special. On arrival, you are the most important person in the world before you even started your treatment. Waiting here is not an issue since you are offered an assortment of cold and hot beverages, some delicious signature cookies and a heated neck collar to start relaxing straight away.

The service is outstanding and from the start until the end, you are the unique focus point of the staff. If there is somewhere on the island where you can certainly feel like you are royalty, then Gillian’s Face and Body Clinic definitely is the place. In every room, the atmosphere is perfectly built with incense or white sage burning a delicious aroma, soothing music and flickering candles. You will feel as if you step in a world of peace and quiet!

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