Fort Hamilton

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Stop at Fort Hamilton in Bermuda It is a fascinating historical site where visitors can view the signs of military history.

The pentagonal fort is placed on top a hill outside Hamilton parish. This tranquil hideaway was first assembled back in the 1870’s. It was a British stronghold set up to form a line of defence against US attack. The fort overlooks Hamilton Harbour and offers outstanding views of the city. It still has rampart and canon placements placed all around.

You can walk long down elongated tunnels where discharged weapons where reloaded. Tourists can also cross a bridge and walk over a large moat; 30 feet wide. The Fort was originally guarded by a dry moat. However, this has now been remodelled into a glorious tropical garden, of fern and bamboo. You can also walk the trail of the circle shaped moat.

The fort stages a wide range of events throughout the year. There are performance of the Bermuda Island’s PipeBand, with drums and highland dancing. This takes place every Monday between the months of November through March. It is called the Skirling Ceremony.  This is in addition tops the fun Haunted Playground event every Halloween, among other attractions.

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