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Bermuda is considered among fans of marine exploration as one of the best place on Earth for scuba-diving. There are hundreds of miles of coral reefs surrounding the island of Bermuda and protecting it from the strongest currents and waves, providing perfect habitat to numerous species of fish and other marine creatures. Add to this the nearly 300 shipwrecks sitting on the sea floor and you’ll understand why divers and snorkelers come from everywhere to take a look underwater.

Triangle Diving is located at the east end of the island in the Grotto Bay Beach resort, about 7 miles from the North Rock diving site, one of the many sites the centre can take you to. North Rock is Bermuda’s largest coral reef, covering a shallow area of about a 1,000 meters radius, and has been the scene of many shipwrecks. Because the reef can be quite close to the surface of the water and that the depths are within 25 feet, it is an ideal site for snorkeling and scuba-diving alike.

Triangle Diving offers diving courses and expeditions and is a 5-star PADI certified facility. It offers a wide range of courses and different types of diving such as 2 tanks dive for certified divers, 1 tank dive for inexperienced ones, night dive, and snorkeling. With the centre, you can choose between half a dozen of the shipwrecks in Bermuda to dive, including the largest of Bermuda, the Cristobal Colon. Measuring 499 feet long, she sank in 1936 and is scattered across an area of 100,000 square meters in 55 feet of water.

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